Product Description

The Vector::ASC Module is a cost-effective solution to read and write Vector ASCII log files. With it's low memory consumption and high execution speed, it is suitable for Desktop applications, as well as Embedded systems.

Vector::ASC focuses on vendors who would like to integrate the module in their own commercial software products. Therefore the application programming interface was designed to give software developers fast access to the technology. This includes a compact but comprehensive source code documentation, and sample codes.

As the Vector::ASC syntax is highly ambiguous, the library uses advanced lexical analysis technology for fast parsing. This is unique and makes the library faster than most other implementations on the market including the original vendor's implementation.

All 90 event types are supported including generic, CAN, CANFD, Log and Trigger, Environment/System Variables, Macro Signals, GPS, Comment, Global Marker, Ethernet, AFDX, FlexRay, K-Line, LIN, MOST, and TP/Diagnostic messages. Hexadecimal/decimal numeric formats, absolute/relative time stamp modes, and English/German languages are supported as well.


The module can be build with all major compilers under all major operating systems. Depending on the compiler version there is only one runtime dependency on Boost.Regex library.

Project Summary
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