About the standard

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The ASAM MCD-2 NET standard (called FIBEX) provides a uniform, XML-based interface description for configuring the software of automotive networks. The standard allows the definition of network topologies, consisting of ECUs with network ports and gateways. The standard consists of a generic interface description and technology-specific extensions for FlexRay, MOST, CAN, TTCAN, LIN and Ethernet. Technology-specific properties are described for each network port. For example, addresses as well as transport protocols and the reserved ports are described for Ethernet and IP. Furthermore, the interface description contains a list of sent and received signals for each ECU. In the case of service-oriented communication, service provider instances and consumers are listed for each ECU.

ASAM MCD-2 NET is used for the design, configuration, monitoring and simulation of communication on automotive networks. For example, the standard supports auto-generation of software code for ECUs and the configuration of test tools for simple testing of ECUs. Test tools, which can import the interface description, are able to interpret network traces or carry out residual network simulation.

Source: http://www.asam.net/nc/home/standards/standard-detail.html?tx_rbwbmasamstandards_pi1[showUid]=559