Research and Development

We organize innovation workshop, setup infrastructures and optimize R&D innovation processes to help you create new ideas.

Business models

We strategically develop new or refine existing business models based on Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas to reduce your cost structures and increase your revenue streams.

Project management

Our experienced project managers that help you plan tasks and investments along your timeline and persuate collaboration to finalize your project in time.

Product management

Productization of your new software is a challenging task that we can support with our experience on business models, market survey and supplier management. All to make your product successful.


We offer engineering services to create new or enhance existing components. We support developments or deliver whole components.

Testing and validation

We test and validate your product with technologies that fit your needs. Module tests, system tests, GUI tests. We can offer then all. If required we help you reach necessary certifications.

Marketing and communication

We help you to choose suitable communication channels to attract the market to your solutions. Market surveys, search engine optimization. We offer our experience to support you.


We set up necessary infrastructure for distributed development, continuous integration, and hardware test benches. We integrate social media components, blogs, wikis, social networks, and content management systems tailored for your web presence.


Provide you with a choice of suitable license models that support your business intends regarding copyleft effect, liability and contribution agreement.