Our software is advantageous. C++11 offers you portability from embedded systems, smart phones, desktops, and up to servers. Open Source tool chains are used throughout the development from building, documentation and testing. No need to use expensive commercial tools. Coding style and conventions follow common Open Source standards, such as Qt Coding Style, Qt Coding Conventions. Optional MISRA-C++ compliance available. Dual-License Model is available for all our software: GPL as Open Source license, and commercial license models for your business needs.

ASAM FIBEX (Field Bus Exchange Format) is an XML-based file format to describe field bus topologies. The module provides an easy access via a dedicated data model.

ASAM MDF (Measurement Data Format) is a binary and optionally compressed data format for large measurement data. The module allows to traverse the data with a data cache for faster access.

ISO11898 is the standardized version of Bosch's CAN (Controller Area Network) specification. This module provides standardized data type and convenience functions.

ISO62106 specifies the RDS (Radio Data System) which is carried within FM Radio stations. This module also contains a persistent data storage, e.g. for received stations. It also features a plugin model to support Open Data Applications, such as TMC (Traffic Message Channel).

Vector Informatik defined a defacto standard for log data in ASCII format. This module utilizes lexical analysis technology to provide the quickest possible access on the market, even compared to Vector's original software.

Vector Informatik also defined the defacto standard for log data in binary format. This format can be seen as a predecessor of ASAM::MDF and it already supports compression.

Vector Informatik defined the defacto standard to describe CAN databases: Message/Signal/Value structures. This module provides a simple access with a dedicated data model. The input filter is highly error tolerant, while the output filter is closer than any other implementation to Vector's original software.